iPhone Jailbreak 4.1 Made Easy – Step By Step Details

Do you know what Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 is?  If no, then it’s high time that you do.  There are many benefits that a jailbroken Iphone can bring and in order to enjoy them you must try to understand the process first.  In this article, I will try to explain to you what jailbreaking is, the benefits that you can get from it – and how to do it.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – Why Every Iphone Owner Must Know About It

Apple’s Iphone is considerably one of the most popular and sought-after gadgets the world over.  It has the best features that a phone can ever have – and this is why its popularity shows no signs of waning, even for just a bit.

There are hundreds of thousands of Iphone apps that can make anybody’s Iphone even better than it already is.  However, there are some instances when restrictions set by the network that you are using or by Apple itself will prohibit you from downloading a certain app – despite how cool or great it may be.

Fortunately, jailbreaking your Iphone will resolve this issue for you.  And all that you have to do is to find the best methods – to get the best results.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – The Manual And Automatic Methods

There are numerous jailbreaking methods that you can choose to use for your Iphone.  Here are two of the most popular ones.  Try to see which among them will suit your preference:

Manual Jailbreak Method

1.    Turn your Iphone off. This is necessary to ensure that you do not get electrocuted or that you do not inadvertently burn your Iphone’s parts while you are in the process of jailbreaking it.

2.    Open your Iphone up. Take note that there are special tools needed for doing this.  Make sure that you have the complete tool set.  Do not try to open your phone up using the wrong tools – this will only lead to bad results.

3.    Carefully place a jumper inside your Iphone. Usually, this “jumper” is a computer chip which can be used to override the security set by Apple in then Iphone 4.  However, you must make sure that you actually know at which particular area you should put the chip – and how to put it.  Otherwise, you might be doing more bad than good.

4.    Turn your Iphone back on. This will reboot your Iphone and it will help it recognize and accept the changes that you made.

5.    Check if the jailbreak worked. You can do this by doing some downloads.  I suggest that you try to look at the apps which are banned by Apple, and try to see if you can download them with your jailbroken phone.  If you can, then the jailbreak is successful.  If not, then redo the steps I mentioned above until you succeed.

Automatic Jailbreak Method

1.    Download the software. However, you must make sure that you are only downloading one which has the reputation and the reliability to speak of.

2.    Also, download the newest Iphone IOS version, and a more updated ITunes version.  Afterwards, manually update your device.

3.    Search Google for an authentic Apple firmware file. Make sure that it is an updated IPSW file.  Download it and then store it in a location which can be easily accessed by you later on.

4.    Connect your device to ITunes and allow it to detect your device. A message prompt will appear telling you to update – ignore it and move on to the next step.

5.    Afterwards, there will appear two options, which are Update and Restore. Select Restore so that a newer box will appear to open the IPSW file that was downloaded earlier.  This will then trigger ITunes to automatically do its operations.

6.    After ITunes is finished, you then open the jailbreak software that you downloaded earlier, and then the Apple firmware afterwards.

7.    Put a check on Install Cydia button, enable multi-tasking button and the last two option buttons.

8.    Turn your Iphone off and then connect it to your computer. Get your device into DFU mode in order to allow the installations to work properly.

9.    Reboot your Iphone.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – Which Method Is Better?

Judging from how the abovementioned methods operate, it can be easily concluded that jailbreaking Iphones through a computer software is the better choice.  After all, with this software, you will not need a special set of technical skills, a large amount of money to spend for computer chips or the patience to handle any other problem.

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With a computer software, all that you will need is your computer, your software, your Iphone and that is it.  You can then jailbreak your phone anytime you want to.

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iPhone Jailbreak Instructions

Do you want to learn some iPhone Jailbreak Instructions? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right place. This particular resource will help you get familiar with the details involving basic iPhone jailbreak instructions.

If you have little or no idea regarding the entire jailbreak process, this is the material you have to read. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn something else, another important thing. You are going to have an opportunity to discover one of the best jailbreak solutions there are, but more on that later.

Here are first the iPhone jailbreak instructions that you should learn and get familiar with:

1st instruction – You need to download a tool that’s highly recommended and effective enough to jailbreak your iPhone. This means that the very first instruction has something to do with searching for a jailbreak and unlock solution. Once you have chosen the software that you think is right for you, the next thing to do is purchase it. After you complete the purchase, you will be either redirected to a download page or perhaps a download link will be sent to your email address.

2nd instruction – The next step among the iPhone jailbreak instructions is to run or launch the downloaded jailbreak solution. This also means the start of the installation of that jailbreaking tool or software you bought online. There will be certain instructions or guidelines during the installation process. Remember to follow them appropriately.

3rd instruction – You will then be asked to install the Cydia app on your iPhone. Do you know what makes this Cydia app so special and beneficial? That’s because this is the app that you will use to download an unlock application, therefore providing you with the chance to unlock that smartphone of yours. The Cydia app is also going to be responsible for accessing certain third-party applications that you may like once you have jailbroken your iPhone or followed those iPhone jailbreak instructions already. That’s why you shouldn’t forget selecting the “Install Cydia” option somewhere along the process of installation.

4th instruction – The final step in the iPhone jailbreak instructions is to follow what’s next to be done especially about the remaining installation instructions. Read carefully every instruction before moving on to another one. You know that you don’t have to wait that long for the jailbreaking process to finish. As soon as your iPhone restarts or reboots, that only means it’s already jailbroken.

Follow The Right iPhone Jailbreak Instructions Via A Highly Recommended Jailbreak Software

After carefully studying those iPhone jailbreak instructions, it’s time to proceed to step one. Like what was mentioned earlier, you have to choose that jailbreak tool or software that’s right for your needs. It should be easy-to-download, easy-to-install, highly recommended by others and worth your hard-earned cash. Maybe you don’t have to look further for that software. Below is a link to a trusted source that can provide you with a great and useful jailbreak solution.

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Keep in mind the iPhone jailbreak instructions mentioned and make sure that you don’t mess up your phone. Find the right tool to use. Buy and download it and start with its installation. If you really want to make the most out of your iPhone, you have to do those steps or instructions mentioned earlier. In no time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a jailbroken iPhone.

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iPhone jailbreak Apps

Are you on the lookout for IPhone Jailbreak Apps? Indeed, it would be great to have new apps on your limited iPhone features. That is why having a jailbroken iPhone is gaining popularity nowadays.

There are various iPhone jailbreak apps (apps to jailbreak iPhone) that are available on the market. Third-party developers are always presenting some new apps on the market that can blow your mind and make every day life easier for any common individual.

Different Jailbreak IPhone Apps

1.      BossPrefs

This is a great utility that can make toggling 3G, EDGE, and Bluetooth or Wi-fi easier. The added feature of hiding icons also is a great plus. You can remove icons on your home screen without completely deleting it.

2.      Winterboard

This app can change your iPhone’s appearance. With this app, you can download new themes to make your iPhone look cooler.

3.      Cycorder

This app works like a camcorder. It works with motion JPEG recording with audio. The only problem is transferring such files to your computer. It requires an SSH to access the file.

4.      Snapture

One can use it for free for 20 tries but after that you have to buy it for $88. This works like a camera and one will be able to capture precious moments in their everyday life.

5.      Search

With this app, one will be able to search anything on their iPhone. You will be able to browse through your contacts, SMS, events, Safari Bookmarks, Notes, and Safari History. With just a click it will direct you to the app.

6.      xGPS

This is a great app for GPS tracking. You can be on the go without losing your way.

7.      Backgrounder

When you are into multi-tasking then this is probably the perfect app for you.

8.      Action /Menu

This app allows you to copy /paste which can make things easier for you.

9.      MultiIcon Move

Just like its name, this app allows you to move multiple icons with just one move.

These apps are very useful and trendy. If you have this in your iPhone then your life will surely become easier. It is like having all the tools you need in just one gadget.

How To Use IPhone Jailbreak Apps

First of all you will need software to jailbreak your iPhone. You have to be extra careful in picking one. There are a lot of bogus software that are being sold both online and offline market. Some are just fake copies of the original and there is a big probability that it will not work the way you expected to do.

Once you have the software here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  • Update iTunes and download the latest firmware. Be sure that you get it updated.
  • Then you can start downloading your chosen software for the jailbreak process.
  • Then start installing the software and this can easily be done by just following its guide. Then you are ready to install Cydia.
  • Once you have both installed then just wait for the software to complete the process.

Opting For A Foolproof Software For IPhone Jailbreak Apps

We all love our gadgets and that is why we must always ensure that we are using safe programs and software to add or modify some processes on it. Lucky for you, there is safe and foolproof software that can help you jailbreak your iPhone. Many have tried and were amazed by the end results.

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With the right software for iPhone jailbreak apps nothing will surely go wrong. You do not have to worry at all with this software.

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iPhone Jailbreak 4.0 – Everything You Need To Know Explained

Are you contemplating on using a iPhone jailbreak 4.0 software? Are you having second thoughts on whether to modify your phone’s iOS because you are not familiar with jailbreak methods?

Ask any iPhone power user and he or she would probably tell that his or her device has been “jailbroken”. But before you follow the trend, be sure that you are equipped with the right information and the right software to successfully jailbreak your unit.

Jailbroken iPhone 4.0: Make the Most out of your iPhone

If you are looking for a difference between a jailbroken iPhone and a non-jailbroken one, you will probably find nothing. It’s because jailbreaking your unit won’t affect the normal function of your phone. What it does is that it hacks the iOS on your iPhone 4.0, enabling you to use third-party applications that you would not normally see in iTunes. Aside from that, you can also fully-customize your iPhone, particularly your home screen, themes, icons and menus.

Jailbreaking is Legal in the US

Some iPhone users are thinking twice whether to jailbreak their device or not because of the legal sanctions these attempts may impose on them. Truth be told,
the jailbreaking process itself is not considered illegal. In fact, some governing bodies believe it fosters interoperability with independent or third-party softwares and applications – giving the user a variety of options in terms of what apps to download and use. So unless you download and install a cracked app (or a free modified version of a paid app), then you are on the safe side.

Risks of Using an iPhone Jailbreak 4.0 Software

As much as it’s easier and less hazardous to use a software to jailbreak an iOS 4.0-run iPhone, there are still risks involved. These risks are mainly the result of human error (like not following instructions on how to properly use a jailbreaking software). Apple’s added security for its updated firmwares didn’t help either. Because every time they update their firmware, so too should you update your jailbreaks. In order to do this, you will have to wait for a few weeks or even months, depending on what software you are using, before you can find an antidote for the newer firmwares. The most common risk in attempting to jailbreak your iPhone is bricking it – which basically means that your phone is damaged. Now as to what extent this damage has, it really depends on the jailbreaking method and tool you used.

iPhone Jailbreak 4.0 Installation Process

Still, there are some attempts that ultimately lead to the iPhone’s demise. So to make sure you don’t commit mistakes, you have to follow these instructions.

1. Get a copy of the jailbreak software. In most cases, you need to make a one-time payment at the software product’s website before you can download it.

2. Check what firmwares are supported by the jailbreak software. If it can support newer firmwares, then it’s much better if you update first your iPhone to that specific firmware. You can do so via the firmware update function of iTunes.

3. If you hadn’t created back ups of your iPhone files yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

4. Close iTunes (if it is still running) and turn off your iPhone without detaching the data cable from the computer.

5. Start the software and run the jailbreak process. When it is finished, your iPhone will reboot.

Making a Difference with an iPhone Jailbreak 4.0 Software

There are many reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone. First, you can make the most out of your iPhone after jailbreaking it– and it’s not illegal (at least in the US). Of course there are risks involved, but most of these risks can be avoided if you follow instructions carefully.

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Using a jailbreak software, you will automatically unlock your iPhone. This gives you the freedom to select which GSM operator you would want to subscribe to. In most cases, jailbreaks are also reversible. You can revert back to the iPhone’s original firmware (which, in this case, is 4.0) using the restore feature on iTunes anytime you want.

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iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.3 – What Steps To Take

Looking for a fast and reliable way for an Iphone Jailbreak 3.1.3? The restrictions that Apple places on the iPhone’s operating system can be removed if you “jailbreak” it. This unlocks the limitations from the operating system using a free program created by an iPhone enthusiast.

You can jailbreak an iPhone that is running the 3.1.3 version by connecting the iPhone to a PC using Windows and running a jailbreak program. You will also need the free ITunes program that Apple provides for syncing content with the iPhone.

Jailbreaking an iPhone doesn’t break the law, many new users have opted to perform the operation. Many different tools exist for the job depending on the specific model and system version involved. The iPhone on iOS 3.1.3 jailbreaks very simply using a software program, allowing the user to install software downloaded from places other than Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Start the jailbreak process by following the simple tips below.

1. Upgrade your iTunes to the latest version by downloading and installing the update from Apple. Restart your iTunes to allow the update to take effect.

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync its contents with iTunes. This will back up all your data so you can retrieve it after jailbreaking.

3. Download the jailbreaking software and a new copy of the iPhone OS 3.1.3, then move both files to your desktop. Make sure the version of jailbreaking software you download is compatible with OS 3.1.3.

4. Launch the jailbreaking software and choose the simple mode option when prompted. Choose the OS file from your desktop when asked to specify the firmware file.

5. Choose “Yes” when your software asks if you want to activate your iPhone, then allow the progress bar to complete. Activation will allow you to use your phone for any network.

6. Click your iPhone from the side menu in iTunes, then hold down “Shift” while choosing “Restore” from the iPhone options window. Choose the OS 3.1.3 file from the desktop when iTunes asks you to do so.

7. Wait for iTunes to finish replacing the OS on your iPhone, then replace your removed data. Your iPhone will be jailbroken when you remove it from the computer.

8. If you ever want to take your iPhone in to the Apple store for them to look at it, or if you have to send it in, you will need to un-jailbreak it. Simply connect it to your computer using your USB cord and select “Restore” within iTunes.

9. Keep your jailbroken copy of the OS in case you need to jailbreak your iPhone again in the future before updating to a newer OS.

10. Though jailbreaking is legal, it remains against Apple’s terms of use and will likely void your warranty.

11. There are a few dangers and consequences that should be kept in mind before jailbreaking you iPhone. The process makes the device more susceptible to viruses and hacks and may prevent Apple programs from running properly.

Use a Software Program on the Iphone Jailbreak 3.1.3: Quick, Easy and Cheap!

Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to download otherwise restricted software from other apps providers, which offer games and other unique tweaks to enhance the iPhone experience. Jailbreaking gets around other iPhone restrictions, as well.

However, if you’re  unsure of taking the risk, why don’t you take a look at this software program? The software program guarantees a fast and safe way in jailbreaking your iPhone. You don’t have to go through all the trial and errors and end up breaking your newly bought gadget. Just load the software program, sit back and relax!

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You have to admit – the iPhone is one pretty amazing phone. With its stylish touch screen, built in mp3 player, integrated Google maps, and more applications than you could ever dream of… it’s sure is near perfect. Learn how to do an iPhone jailbreak 3.1.3 today and enjoy all free apps there is.

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iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.2

Looking for iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.2 options? Knowing the steps on how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 could be a rigorous process for the non-techie. After all, this is a device that has astounding features but one that you must also be careful with.

Apple has introduced to the market their iPhones on the 8th of June in 2009. This was a stunning follow-up to the popular iPhone 3G. Both versions have proven – and continue to prove – that they have stellar features to reckon with.

Think of all the features that you get to enjoy with your iPhone – impeccable processing power, an improved camera, longer talk time, hours of Internet browsing, voice control, bigger memory, and many more.

With such a wonderful gadget, it is imperative to show you how you can jailbreak your iPhone 3G with the creation of a custom ipsw that would automatically jailbreak, add boot logos and install applications on your phone.

Here is how to jailbreak your iPhone that runs on 3.1.2 firmware:

•    Know that these steps are also applicable to all iPhone models and the iPod touch. Just make sure, though, that you download the correct custom firmware.

Using the wrong firmware will result into numerous errors on your phone. For instance,
an iTunes error could occur if you download firmware to your iPhone. If you are looking for simple ways to jailbreak your iPhone, then read on.

•    If your iTouch or iPhone has not been jailbroken yet and you try to utilize custom firmware, you could end up with

the 16xx errors. You will need a MAC to do the final process or utilize blacra1n if you do have a legit SIM. Blackra1n is able to update your baseband but when it comes to iPod touch, this really does not matter.

•    Check all the tools that you will need in order to jailbreak your 3.1.2 phone: your iPhone 3GS; custom firmware

(iPhone 2.1_3.12_7D11_Custom_Restore_NonActivated.ipsw for AT&T users) and (iPhone2.1_3.1.2_7D11_Custom_Restore.ipsw for all non-AT&T subscribers); your iTunes 9.0.1; Firefox browser.

Now you may ask why it’s important to use Firefox instead of your current browser. Now the reason behind this is, other browsers have a hard time downloading firmware.

•    Download the firmware and then click on Connect to iPhonefix FTP HighSpeed which can be found on the FTP access>Click on Firmware Custom System>Download and Save firmware on your desktop.

•    Open iTunes 9.0.1>Connect the iPhone using USB>Press and hold Option[MAC] OR Shift[PC]>Click Restore>Go to Desktop>Click on Custom firmware.

•    iTunes should backup your device and then you will see that the restore process will begin. After the restore process is completed, iTunes will then be activated.

•    You will then be prompted whether you would want to restore from backup or from setup.

•    After iTunes has completely set up your iPhone, you will have the Cydia/Icy on your device.

•    The jailbreak is then complete.

But if you want software that will address any jailbreaking concerns that you might have for your iPhone, it’s best to use the number one product there is:

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jailbreaking your iPhone in the past, then this time, this unlocking software is sure to make things a whole lot easier for you – just download, follow the instructions and – voila – the jailbreak process is done!

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