iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.2

Looking for iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.2 options? Knowing the steps on how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 could be a rigorous process for the non-techie. After all, this is a device that has astounding features but one that you must also be careful with.

Apple has introduced to the market their iPhones on the 8th of June in 2009. This was a stunning follow-up to the popular iPhone 3G. Both versions have proven – and continue to prove – that they have stellar features to reckon with.

Think of all the features that you get to enjoy with your iPhone – impeccable processing power, an improved camera, longer talk time, hours of Internet browsing, voice control, bigger memory, and many more.

With such a wonderful gadget, it is imperative to show you how you can jailbreak your iPhone 3G with the creation of a custom ipsw that would automatically jailbreak, add boot logos and install applications on your phone.

Here is how to jailbreak your iPhone that runs on 3.1.2 firmware:

•    Know that these steps are also applicable to all iPhone models and the iPod touch. Just make sure, though, that you download the correct custom firmware.

Using the wrong firmware will result into numerous errors on your phone. For instance,
an iTunes error could occur if you download firmware to your iPhone. If you are looking for simple ways to jailbreak your iPhone, then read on.

•    If your iTouch or iPhone has not been jailbroken yet and you try to utilize custom firmware, you could end up with

the 16xx errors. You will need a MAC to do the final process or utilize blacra1n if you do have a legit SIM. Blackra1n is able to update your baseband but when it comes to iPod touch, this really does not matter.

•    Check all the tools that you will need in order to jailbreak your 3.1.2 phone: your iPhone 3GS; custom firmware

(iPhone 2.1_3.12_7D11_Custom_Restore_NonActivated.ipsw for AT&T users) and (iPhone2.1_3.1.2_7D11_Custom_Restore.ipsw for all non-AT&T subscribers); your iTunes 9.0.1; Firefox browser.

Now you may ask why it’s important to use Firefox instead of your current browser. Now the reason behind this is, other browsers have a hard time downloading firmware.

•    Download the firmware and then click on Connect to iPhonefix FTP HighSpeed which can be found on the FTP access>Click on Firmware Custom System>Download and Save firmware on your desktop.

•    Open iTunes 9.0.1>Connect the iPhone using USB>Press and hold Option[MAC] OR Shift[PC]>Click Restore>Go to Desktop>Click on Custom firmware.

•    iTunes should backup your device and then you will see that the restore process will begin. After the restore process is completed, iTunes will then be activated.

•    You will then be prompted whether you would want to restore from backup or from setup.

•    After iTunes has completely set up your iPhone, you will have the Cydia/Icy on your device.

•    The jailbreak is then complete.

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