iPhone Jailbreak 4.1 Made Easy – Step By Step Details

Do you know what Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 is?  If no, then it’s high time that you do.  There are many benefits that a jailbroken Iphone can bring and in order to enjoy them you must try to understand the process first.  In this article, I will try to explain to you what jailbreaking is, the benefits that you can get from it – and how to do it.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – Why Every Iphone Owner Must Know About It

Apple’s Iphone is considerably one of the most popular and sought-after gadgets the world over.  It has the best features that a phone can ever have – and this is why its popularity shows no signs of waning, even for just a bit.

There are hundreds of thousands of Iphone apps that can make anybody’s Iphone even better than it already is.  However, there are some instances when restrictions set by the network that you are using or by Apple itself will prohibit you from downloading a certain app – despite how cool or great it may be.

Fortunately, jailbreaking your Iphone will resolve this issue for you.  And all that you have to do is to find the best methods – to get the best results.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – The Manual And Automatic Methods

There are numerous jailbreaking methods that you can choose to use for your Iphone.  Here are two of the most popular ones.  Try to see which among them will suit your preference:

Manual Jailbreak Method

1.    Turn your Iphone off. This is necessary to ensure that you do not get electrocuted or that you do not inadvertently burn your Iphone’s parts while you are in the process of jailbreaking it.

2.    Open your Iphone up. Take note that there are special tools needed for doing this.  Make sure that you have the complete tool set.  Do not try to open your phone up using the wrong tools – this will only lead to bad results.

3.    Carefully place a jumper inside your Iphone. Usually, this “jumper” is a computer chip which can be used to override the security set by Apple in then Iphone 4.  However, you must make sure that you actually know at which particular area you should put the chip – and how to put it.  Otherwise, you might be doing more bad than good.

4.    Turn your Iphone back on. This will reboot your Iphone and it will help it recognize and accept the changes that you made.

5.    Check if the jailbreak worked. You can do this by doing some downloads.  I suggest that you try to look at the apps which are banned by Apple, and try to see if you can download them with your jailbroken phone.  If you can, then the jailbreak is successful.  If not, then redo the steps I mentioned above until you succeed.

Automatic Jailbreak Method

1.    Download the software. However, you must make sure that you are only downloading one which has the reputation and the reliability to speak of.

2.    Also, download the newest Iphone IOS version, and a more updated ITunes version.  Afterwards, manually update your device.

3.    Search Google for an authentic Apple firmware file. Make sure that it is an updated IPSW file.  Download it and then store it in a location which can be easily accessed by you later on.

4.    Connect your device to ITunes and allow it to detect your device. A message prompt will appear telling you to update – ignore it and move on to the next step.

5.    Afterwards, there will appear two options, which are Update and Restore. Select Restore so that a newer box will appear to open the IPSW file that was downloaded earlier.  This will then trigger ITunes to automatically do its operations.

6.    After ITunes is finished, you then open the jailbreak software that you downloaded earlier, and then the Apple firmware afterwards.

7.    Put a check on Install Cydia button, enable multi-tasking button and the last two option buttons.

8.    Turn your Iphone off and then connect it to your computer. Get your device into DFU mode in order to allow the installations to work properly.

9.    Reboot your Iphone.

Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 – Which Method Is Better?

Judging from how the abovementioned methods operate, it can be easily concluded that jailbreaking Iphones through a computer software is the better choice.  After all, with this software, you will not need a special set of technical skills, a large amount of money to spend for computer chips or the patience to handle any other problem.

Why don’t you take a look at this software? Visit: Automatic Iphone Jailbreak 4.1 Program

With a computer software, all that you will need is your computer, your software, your Iphone and that is it.  You can then jailbreak your phone anytime you want to.

So, you want jailbreak your Iphone safely?  Visit: Iphone Jailbreak 4.1

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